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    Wob Workshop: Investigation within regulators

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    Calendrier «Wob Workshop: Investigation within regulators»

    Tuesday Tuesday-9:30am
    Sep, 2020
    9:30 AM
    Online  ?
    Laarderhoogtweg 25


    Hands-on Workshop: Learn how the use of smart technology can dramatically reduce research time. Due to COVID-19, this workshop has been converted to an online workshop. As a result, the hands-on part will be shorter than usual, but you can experience what it is like to get started with ZyLAB ONE yourself. Companies are conducting more (internal) investigations than ever before. For example, to be able to respond adequately and on time to requests from supervisors or to comply with access requests from customers or (former) employees. These requests for information and documentation usually come unannounced and can seriously disrupt day-to-day operations. With the help of modern eDiscovery technology, organizations can conduct the necessary investigations more thoroughly, accurately and cost-effectively. In the workshop you will get started with searching large amounts of data with specific queries and using Artificial Intelligence. You will receive training in; - Topic modeling to gain insight into relevant topics; - Mapping a communication network based on e-mail; - Entering specific domain knowledge to allow the system to automatically find relevant documents; - Smart filtering based on facets to quickly retrieve relevant information. - We conclude with quality control to ensure that all relevant documents have actually been found. In addition to the practical workshop, we will provide you with a full update on the latest developments of our data science team and give a short demonstration of all other options.