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    Saturday Saturday-9:30pm
    May, 2021
    9:30 PM
    Rotown  ?
    163-13 Nieuwe Binnenweg


    Rachel Aggs has become a household name in London's DIY scene over the past decade. In the thousands of bands she remains creatively involved in, Aggs is constantly exploring a new angle of punk music. With Golden Grrls she makes nasty riot grrl-punk, Sacred Paws is a love letter to sunny jangle pop and Trash Kit follows in the footsteps of The Ex: an alliance between African rhythms and screeching guitars. The most famous band aggs is part of is without a doubt Shopping, which gets the mustard from the danceable side of punk with bands like Television, Gang Of Four and ESG. Led by the rock-solid single Initiative, Shopping dares to integrate new long-form all or nothing touches of Suicide and Depeche Mode into their already infectious sound. Four years ago Shopping played our tent as flat as a dime, with Venus Tropicaux in the lead at the time; a memorable spectacle that deserves a repeat exercise. With this one! Rotown WhatsApp Stay up to date with all new Rotown shows thanks to WhatsApp. Send a WhatsApp message to 06 15 60 03 90 with 'ALL SHOWS on' or click here from your phone. More info. Rotterdam Concert Buddies Do you see all those beautiful shows coming along? No idea who to go with, and no desire to go alone? Look no further! In Rotterdam Concert Buddies on Facebook you can look for a buddy who drinks a beer with you at a concert in Rotterdam! Place a call, forge plans with other members and get to know new music. Couldn't be better, could it?