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    Sehnsucht – Katharina Gross

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    Schedule «Sehnsucht – Katharina Gross»

    Monday Monday-8:30pm
    Oct, 2020
    8:30 PM
    Bimhuis  ?
    Piet Heinkade 3


    Austrian cellist and performer Katharina Gross is the muse for many composers to write new music. Now she makes a new performance with her own music, played, spoken, sung and on sound tracks: Sehnsucht. Sehnsucht, a feeling that can lead to depression but can also act as an engine for creativity. A performance in five scenes that depicts women, beings and emotional states, embodied by Katharina Gross and her cello and inspired by mythological stories, the depth psychology and literary works of Plato, Ovid, Ingeborg Bachmann and Terézia Mora.bimhuis & corona Katharina Gross cello / text / music / performance, Wouter Prune sound directory