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    Redd Kross

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    Saturday Saturday-9:30pm
    May, 2021
    9:30 PM
    Rotown  ?
    163-13 Nieuwe Binnenweg


    Thurston Moore once called Redd Kross the most important band in America. This was in the late 1980s, when the word 'grunge' had not yet been invented. However, the band around the Jeff and Steven McDonald brothers is far too carefree and free of spirit to stay rusted as some kind of proto-grunge act. Redd Kross prefers to do everything with a playful wink. Whether it's metal, power pop, hard rock or punk, the fun always reigns. It all started during the first punk wave in California. Redd Kross (then active under the name Red Cross) was allowed to open for Black Flag during a school party. Since then, the McDonald brothers have almost traversed music history on his Forest Gump's: sometimes in the spotlight, sometimes behind the scenes. Steven played bass with Tenacious D, for example, and both brothers had a finger in the porridge with flame-in-the-pan bands like The Donnas and Be Your Own Pet.Strangely enough, Redd Kross – even after many name changes, style breaks and occupation changes – has always remained active. The fact that the McDonald brothers never fully matured might help a little in that long use-by date. The upcoming album Beyond The Door is again full of funny pop culture references and inside jokes. Dale Crover, the formidable batsman of The Melvins, is allowed to sit behind the cymbals again. Rotown WhatsApp Stay up to date with all new Rotown shows thanks to WhatsApp. Send a WhatsApp message to 06 15 60 03 90 with 'ALL SHOWS on' or click here from your phone. More info. Rotterdam Concert Buddies Do you see all those beautiful shows coming along? No idea who to go with, and no desire to go alone? Look no further! In Rotterdam Concert Buddies on Facebook you can look for a buddy who drinks a beer with you at a concert in Rotterdam! Place a call, forge plans with other members and get to know new music. Couldn't be better, could it?