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    Nézet-Séguin en Batiashvili: universele schoonheid en liefde

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    Schedule «Nézet-Séguin en Batiashvili: universele schoonheid en liefde»

    Saturday Saturday-12:00am
    Oct, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Het Concertgebouw  ?
    Concertgebouwplein 2-6


    Lisa Batiashvili plays Prokofjev Violinist Lisa Batiashvili plays Prokofjevs First Violin Concerto. The work, from roughly the same period as the light-hearted First Symphony, is remarkably transparently orchestrated. Despite the sometimes spicy dissonances, violent gesticism and motor ostinatos, lyricism prevails. However, many violin virtuosos refused to play 'such' music. Only after a few years did the first performances follow. The famous David Oistrach did not immediately address the music either. But he discovered the almost superhuman beauty of the music, describing it as "a sun-drenched landscape, which gives a fresh scent of nature." Dark-grand, partly, as if hinting that Schumann was feeling rather unhappy in Dresden. It is striking how, halfway through the final part, he introduces a completely new, almost vocally thought theme. The effect has rightly been compared to the ode 'An die Freude' from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. In 1850, a reviewer considered the finales of both symphonies an 'artistic reflection of universal love'. But He considered Schumann's finale all the more impressive, because Schumann managed to convey his intention even without words.