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    Late Show: Fuensanta Méndez

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    Schedule «Late Show: Fuensanta Méndez»

    Saturday Saturday-10:30pm
    Oct, 2020
    10:30 PM
    Bimhuis  ?
    Piet Heinkade 3


    Singer, double bass player and composer Fuensanta Méndez was born and raised in the water forest of Veracruz (Mexico). There she started singing at the age of thirteen and at the age of fifteen she started writing poetry. She moved to the Netherlands and in 2019 she graduated summa cum laude from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In her songs you can still hear where she comes from: the rawness, loneliness and surrealism of the water forest resonate strongly. Now Méndez plays with her international musical 'family' (Marta Arpini IT, Gabriel Milliet BR, Alistair Payne UK, José Soares PT, Teis Semey DK, Sun-Mi Hong KR, Guy Salamon IL). With these young, fellow super talents she also recorded her first live album 'Ensamble Grande', which was released last May. Together they play her compositions in a one-hour performance of music and poetry in different compositions. Within the compositions, poetry is leading, but at the same time there is a lot of room for improvisations of the musicians.' A rare musician because, above all, a spirit steeped in poetry. The images arising from the words that weave the lyrics of her songs compose rich paintings, with poetic realism similar to that of the frescoes [...] which illustrate the aesthetics of her native country: Mexico. There is a mysterious telluric force in the poetry, music and singing of Fuensanta.' (Serge Mariani – Art District Radio) Bimhuis & Corona Fuensanta Méndez vocals / double bass, Marta Arpini vocals / synthethizer, Gabriel Milliet vocals / flute, Alistair Payne trumpet, José Soares alto sax, Teis Semey guitar, Sun-Mi Hong korean drum / percussion, Guy Salamon drums