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    Celine Cuvelier

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    Sint Joost, Limburg, Netherlands
    Sint Joost
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    Thursday Thursday-12:00am
    Dec, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Sint Joost, Limburg, Netherlands  ?
    Sint Joost


    Brussels, Paris, London, Venice, Taiwan, Moscow. We travel the world at breakneck speed. From "city trips" to "explorations" we traverse areas, take pictures, buy trinkets, pack it all and take it home. What does that 'elsewhere' have that it encourages us to cross countries and seas, always faster, always further? What experience of the areas can we draw from our travels when they are made in such a dynamic way and what is the role of travel trophies, photos and souvenirs that we have collected during our wanderings? Like a mirror image and almost symmetrical, the myth of the Eldorado pushes our peers to the end of the world to traverse the countries in the opposite direction, always further, always slower. What impact does the timeliness and intensity of the journey have on the perception of the crossed area? What are the phantasmagoric images of those fleeing ours? Spoken languages : English, French, DutchSource:UiTinVlaanderen.be