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Cecile Massart - Sarcophagi - Dechets Radioactifs

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Sint Joost, Limburg, Netherlands
Sint Joost
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«Cecile Massart - Sarcophagi - Dechets Radioactifs»

Thursday Th-12:00am
Dec, 2020
Dec 3 Th-12:00am
12:00 AM
Sint Judocusstraat, 3, 6112 AZ, Sint Joost, Limburg, Nederland


"Dessel, September 2018: this photo shows the current technical research on concrete. Grave columns. Set up on the edge of a forest. What we are seeing are the results of studies on the walls that will contain the low-level radioactive waste from the new Belgian storage site. You get the feeling that you are in front of an alignment of images, an exhibition that is not an exhibition, an artistic mechanism where art remains absent. For the past 20 years, the only objective has been safety. A strange feeling that connects me to tomorrow, with the unknown, dizzying, and where my reading matches that of the marker I dream of." Cécile MassartSpoken languages : English, French,